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Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OA10er @ 10:28 AM


“Take courage, it is I. Don’t be afraid.” Matthew 14:27



As the staff was contemplating themes for Rally Day (September 10) and Sunday school this fall, the idea of courage kept coming up. In today’s culture it sometimes takes courage to willingly show (by words or deeds) one’s Christian convictions.


Even in the church it takes courage to serve:


  • It can be scary, standing in front of the congregation as the day’s liturgist, or as the one singing a solo that morning.

  • It takes courage teaching . . . any age.

  • It takes courage being an elder or serving as a ministry team leader.

  • It takes a LOT of courage to visit someone in the hospital and have a prayer with them.


The preacher can tell you from experience it takes courage to be the organizing pastor for a new church. It also takes faith, total reliance on the Holy Spirit and the cooperation and passion of committed Christians who give of their many resources to see the vision of the new church become a reality.


This fall we are looking for some courageous individuals to serve in numerous ways as we worship and minister together.


Remember, the good news is you don’t serve the Lord by yourself. As Jesus tells us in Matthew—you don’t have to be afraid, he will be there with you.



Have a blessed week,



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