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Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OP4er @ 4:50 PM

“Bear in mind that the Lord’s patience means salvation.” II Peter 3:15a

“Be patient then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming.” James 5:7


When I reflect on my ministry, I am amazed at God’s patience and ashamed of my impatience.


Working on Sunday’s sermon about the “Wicked Tenants,” I had a whole week to reflect on God’s patience. Just reading the Old Testament shows how God is patient with God’s chosen people Israel. In the gospels, we see how Jesus is patient with the disciples, and maybe even with the Pharisees!


I’ve learned the Holy Spirit works from a different timeline than “Mike.” Too often I don’t allow folks enough time to find their place of service in the church. In new church development, the clock is always ticking, as the pastor worries about growing the congregation, meeting the budget and doing meaningful ministry and community outreach. Sometimes the pastor and maybe all of us in the church need to just “be still and know that God is God.”


In May 2018 we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our chartering. We have a BIG celebration planned, and already I’m getting anxious and impatient. Then I reflect on how the Spirit has transformed so many folks within our church family and I realize I don’t need to be so impatient. I just need to trust God’s timeline and let the Holy Spirit work!


It’s a joy being your pastor,




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