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Why We Need Lent

Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OP3er @ 3:10 PM



Lent is a season (40 days) when Christians focus on sin and repentance.


We had a presbytery meeting Saturday, and the speaker discussed the situation of the church now. We all know that church attendance is down in America-but do we know why?


A recent Gallup Poll asked Americans at random to finish this sentence:  "Christians are __________." The top four answers were "self-righteous," "judgmental," "mean-spirited," and "hypocritical." I don't know about you, but at times I have been all of those . . . Lord, forgive me!


I'm grateful that we have this special season to reflect on our individual and corporate sin. The next six weeks in worship, our sermons, liturgy and music will focus on sin and why we need repentance.


Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. This week, on Wednesday, March 1, we will gather in the Great Hall for a "Meager Meal" (provided by our Fellowship Team) at 6:30 p.m. At 7:00 our Ash Wednesday service will include some prayer stations, brief scripture readings, Lenten music, and imposition of the ashes.


I invite you to join us on our 2017 Lenten Journey.


Grace and peace,




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