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Hope and Peace

Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OP3er @ 3:00 PM


The Advent candle for the second Sunday of Advent is "Peace."  As you know we have these beautiful Advent banners hanging on the wall, and each week we place the banner for Sunday's theme in the chancel area. Well, yesterday in the midst of all our busy-ness (between two services, Sunday school, preparing the communion elements and filling the Great Hall with angel tree gifts and bikes for HALOS . . .) we forgot to swap the banner! So, on the Sunday when the sermon, music and candle lighting focused on peace-there was that giant HOPE banner displayed where everyone could see it.


After worship when I realized what had happened, my first thought was we made a mistake. But on reflection, I think it was the Holy Spirit reminding us that no matter how far-fetched this dream of peace is-our hope rests in the promises of God.


Personally, this was a weekend of extreme emotions. I felt the peace of the season hearing the beautiful music at the candle light service at the Citadel Friday night and attending Messiah Saturday night at St. Andrews with so many close friends from church. Then early Saturday to hear of the tragic death in our family and spending time with my cousin Pam, who is one of the most giving, genuinely "nice" people I know. Sunday's worship was inspiring on so many levels-hearing our choir, greeting you all at The Lord's Table, and welcoming so many visitors.


Life during Advent is filled with so many complex emotions, and yet I don't lose hope . . . and when I keep my heart focused on Emmanuel, and his saints here in our community, I catch glimpses of God's promised peace.


Here's hoping you experience the peace of Christ this Advent season,






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