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“Building” a Vision

Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OA11er @ 11:07 AM

Ralph gave me another book to read last week . . . Direct Hit, Arming Real Leaders at the Mission Field. The bottom line—I have to set a clear vision before you and then get you all so passionate about the vision it becomes a reality.

Several months ago I put up the visual image and floor plan of our next building. Each week you all pass by those pictures as you walk down the hall. Have you ever wondered what it would take for this vision to become a reality? All it takes is passion.



If you all are passionate about our ministry and the exciting, good things happening here, God will see a way for a picture on the wall to be transformed into bricks and mortar. Of course that is not the goal. The goal is to have people in that building. The goal is to see even more ministry happening here every day and night.

I know we’re in the middle of summer and maybe the only folks even thinking about stewardship right now are the finance team members . . . but I want to share this paragraph from last week’s The Presbyterian Outlook.



“Stewardship should be a part of everything we do throughout all the seasons of our ministries. It is not an eight-week program that helps us put together a working budget for the coming year. It is a spiritual discipline and a way of living that helps us to manage what God has entrusted to us and to teach others the true joy of giving as a response to God’s generosity. We are called to be good stewards of all that we have: stewards of time, stewards of gifts, stewards of resources, stewards of relationships, stewards of ministry, stewards of the knowledge of God, stewards of the people in our community of faith, stewards of the mysteries of God.”


This goes along with a quote from one of my devotion books, Promises and Prayers for a Man of Integrity: “Once we accept our role as a steward and manage God’s resources according to His direction, God will entrust more and more to us.” (Larry Burkett)


I’m looking forward to doing more and more ministry—I hope you will join me!


It’s a joy to be your pastor,



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