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“Called” to be an Elder

Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OA10er @ 10:10 AM


This week the nominating committee begins work on the task of prayerfully bringing to the congregation a list of five (5) persons to join the Palmetto session as the Class of 2020 and two (2) youth elders for a one-year term.


Serving on the nominating committee is one of the most challenging, yet important, jobs one can have in the church. This year’s nominating committee members are Tina Faass and Stephane LaFortune from the session, and Tami Dennis, Caroline McKinney, and David Steele from the congregation at large.


Palmetto has been blessed each year with a strong session, and our elders take their call seriously.


The nominating committee looks for a class that will represent older and younger adults, charter members and new members (not new to the faith or to the Presbyterian church, but new to Palmetto), males and females, “been here’s” and “come here’s” –in other words, a group that truly represents our congregation of over 600 people of all ages and backgrounds.


The Book of Order says this about elders:


G-2.0104  Gifts and Qualifications

  1. To those called to exercise special functions in the church—deacons, ruling elders, and teaching elders—God gives suitable gifts for their various duties. In addition to possessing the necessary gifts and abilities, those who undertake particular ministries should be persons of strong faith, dedicated discipleship, and love of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel in the church and in the world. They must have the approval of God’s people and the concurring judgment of a council of the church.


Is this your time to serve? The nominating committee will be contacting folks in the coming weeks. If you feel God calling you to serve as an elder, please let one of the committee persons know.


Being an elder is an awesome responsibility, but you will receive more than you will give.


Enjoy your summer!





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