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Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OA10er @ 10:17 AM


I've been called many things, but I guess the title that causes the most comments and confusion is "pastor" . . . or sometimes, "Presbyterian pastor."


Someone at church commenting on my wardrobe said, "You don't dress like a pastor." I took that as a compliment, but I think they meant my clothes are too "flashy."


I try hard to dispel some of the "stereotypes" associated with ministry. I always tell those considering joining our church, "If you are looking for a holy, perfect pastor, I'm not your guy." As a second career pastor, I understand some of the challenges associated with talking to or even "being with" clergy types.


What to call the pastor: Do they call me Preacher, Dr., Reverend and use my first or last name? I prefer that folks just call me "Mike." If you think your children need a formal address for me, I prefer "Preacher Mike," and frankly I really dislike "Pastor Mike." I love preaching, and preacher sounds less intimidating!


Dining with the pastor: Yes, I will say a blessing before the meal, but let's not make a big "show" of it. I believe a short prayer that is sincere goes a long way with God. I don't mind saying the prayer, but I'm not offended if you pray.


Being friends with the pastor: When I was a teacher (I taught in McClellanville at Archibald Rutledge Academy), I realized I could not be the students' friend. I hope that is not the case with folks in the congregation! Rosemary and I went to the movies with a couple from church-they were embarrassed because a character in the movie used profanity.


What about "Presbyterian Pastor": To me, "Presbyterian" means educated, open-minded, thoughtful, maybe intellectual. While there may not be many of us, I'm proud to be a Presbyterian, and even feel blessed to be a Presbyterian pastor.


The nice thing about the "title" is sometimes it gives me an opportunity to sharemy faith-to be an evangelist . . . a title many of us Presbyterians are not comfortable with!


Call me what you will, just know it truly is a joy being your "pastor"!




Mike (Preacher Mike)


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