Mike's Monday Message


The Giving Plate

Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OA7er @ 7:56 AM

So often when we hear the word “giving” at church we immediately think of financial giving, but there are so many ways this community gives.


I love that we are a congregation that enjoys food! We take meals when members are hospitalized or when new babies are born; we provide bereavement meals; we have covered dish dinners and 5th Sunday Breakfast. Sometimes, some of you will just take a meal or maybe a special dessert to a friend at church.


When our prayer team meets once a month, I can count on Carolyn Garretson to bring a delicious dessert treat as a mid-morning snack.


So . . . we now have these 2 “Giving Plates” that will find a home base in the church kitchen. Please feel free to use them as you deliver a special meal. If you receive a meal, please return the “Giving Plate,” so we can keep this spiritually and physically nourishing ministry going. 


Bon Appétit, Palmetto!





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