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Posted by Jeffrey Eglen on OP12er @ 12:52 PM


Sunday’s Patriotic Service was . . . WOW! Thank you to the choir and to Crystal for our special “4th of July” service of music, prayers, and readings!


I admit I fret over services that combine worship with secular celebrations (Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.). With patriotic services, sometimes the lines of religion and nationalism become blurred. As the ole song goes, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” I have to believe God loves all of creation; therefore, God loves the whole world, every nation.


What I celebrate in America is the freedom we have to worship as the Holy Spirit leads us. On these special holidays, I am also reminded of the sacrifice others have made in order for us to enjoy these freedoms, so I offer a prayer of thanksgiving for those who serve our nation through the military and through public office.


Our nation has challenges, to be sure, but we are so blessed!


In the service at Palmetto Sunday, we put God first. While we pledge allegiance to the flag, our ultimate allegiance is to God. As a grateful American (and Christian), I will pray for my country, I will try to be informed, I will vote, I will pay taxes, and I will serve my local community, making a difference close to home.


My prayer is that our nation can move forward, putting aside our differences and working together for the good of ALL people.


Happy 4th of July!





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