SATURDAY MAY 6, 2017   



The Connections team is proud to announce the launch of PPC Supper Club 2017-18.


In times like these….we need each other and we are wanting to get to know each other beyond Sunday morning. 


How better to do that than relaxing over a meal together? 


So if you love to cook or love to make reservations, please turn in the information below by April 15th


The Supper Club coordinators will be forming groups of 7-10 people based on your preferences.  Singles and couples are welcome. 


Each group will have a host who will take the lead for opening night (May 6th) and then hosting duties will rotate among the members. 


Groups will plan for meeting at least 4x over the year as follows....


Sat, May 6, 2017 - 1st meeting - childcare provided at PPC with RSVP



later date -  1st meeting - group will begin at a later date agreed on by my group


Summertime               Optional


Sept or Oct 2017        2nd meeting


Sat, Nov 4, 2017         3rd meeting  -  All Supper Clubs Potluck at PPC; childcare provided


Jan or Feb 2018          4th meeting


Each group will close their meeting night by picking the date and details for the next meeting. 


Please complete the information in the registration link to sign up.  Additional details & FAQ’s below


God Bless and Bon Appetit!





What is PPC Supper Club?  Supper Club is a potluck dinner at a host’s home or meeting at a restaurant; where folks who attend PPC get to meet in an informal and relaxed setting to have a meal together. It’s great for newcomers and long-time members. 


What’s the agenda?  The only agenda is to get to know one another better and share food and fellowship. There is no program – just dinner, hospitality, and conversation.


Who can participate?  Anyone who attends Palmetto Presbyterian Church (members and visitors) are invited to participate!  Singles and couples are welcome.


How does it work?  Everyone who has signed up will be assigned to a group of 7 - 10  other folks. The goal is for each group to get together at least four times over the next year. Each potluck meeting, one individual or family agrees to host the group in their home and provide a main dish. The other members of the group contribute the rest of the meal (salad, sides, dessert, beverages, etc.).  The host of a restaurant group confirms the date and time and set reservations for the group; each member is responsible for paying for their own meals.  We encourage requesting separate checks from the server at the beginning of the meal to avoid any confusion. 


Who figures out when and where our supper club will gather? Each group will have a host who organizes the first meeting on May 6th.  The host will reach out to the group by email or phone, and figure out the best time for the group to meet.  Potluck groups will meet in the first host home.  Restaurant groups will meet in restaurant chosen by the host with input from the group.  There are some online sites, such as PerfectPotluck or MeetingWizard, which might be helpful tools for those who volunteer to serve as a host. 


At the close of each meeting, the group will pick the next date, time, and host for the next meeting.  Summer meetings are optional.  We understand how busy everyone is so groups will plan a meeting in Sept or Oct and Jan or Feb.  In between, all supper club groups will meet at PPC for a potluck in Nov.


How long are the “suppers”?  Usually  1 ½ - 2 hours approximately


What if I’m a vegetarian, or lactose/gluten intolerant, or have food allergy?  There is a place to list all your dietary restrictions on the online form. Your Supper Club hosts will be informed of your needs and will work with the group to make sure there are options for you.


I signed up for Amazing Grazin’ is this the same thing?  No, the Amazing Grays has their own supper club groups that are meeting monthly.  This is PPC church wide supper club which will meet 4x over the next year.  You are welcome to do both.


Can my group get together more often or do brunch instead of supper, etc?  Sure! Get creative. Just make sure that everyone in the group is included in any additional plans.


What about kids?  We have options specified in your registration to include your children.  We want to encourage your participation in ways that works best for you and your family.  PPC will provide childcare at the church on May 6th and in Nov. for the potluck.  Please be sure to specify that you are interested in childcare and a coordinator will be in contact with you to confirm the details.


We hope you will participate. It will be a neat opportunity to meet members and friends of Palmetto Presbyterian Church.


How do I sign up?  Use the registration link to sign up.


What if I’m not available May 6th?  Please go ahead and register…you will be assigned to a group and together your group will agree on a date to have your first meal together.





Supper Club Coordinator:


Kim Mistler