Mid Year Report

Mid Year Report

Mike’s Monday Message 6-10-19

Mid-Year report . . . How are we doing?

It’s June and now is a good time to pause and reflect on our ministry so far in 2019:

First, Thank you to all who helped to make Pentecost Sunday such a spirit filled day! We  now have our turquoise table set up outside on the corner, and I feel confident our friends in Carolina Park will begin to notice the many ways we are doing ministry right here in our neighborhood community. If you missed the power point presentation in worship Sunday, just go online, type in “turquoise table” and see the video. The brunch was well attended and even with cloudy skies, the weather cooperated.

Now for the bean counters:

  • For the first time in our church history, we are running $40,000 ahead of our budget . . . in JUNE! Usually we are that much BEHIND budget, since we receive our largest offerings in late November and December, so THANK YOU for your generosity.
  • Our staff rocks! They’re creative, dependable, they are hard workers and they love the Lord. We are excited that our new choir director, Tom Gerber, will arrive this week.
  • Ministry teams . . . we need some more folks to step up and help co-chair some of our teams. Is the spirit calling YOU?
  • Youth ministry . . . This is a busy community, but so often it seems other activities take precedence over church. Parents, please encourage your youth to get involved. Having a solid faith will have a lasting impact on their lives going forward and will help them cope with the pressures they are dealing with today.
  • Buildings and grounds . . . watch for updates on the Pavilion. Our team is working and once we get plans approved and everything lined up, construction will begin. Don’t forget your pavilion pledges.
  • Prayer . . . our prayer team under the leadership of Carolyn Garretson is such an asset to our congregation. We are a praying church. Please share your prayer concerns … and celebrations.
  • Grace . . . like any group where two or more people are connected, we are learning the importance of grace. We recognize we don’t all share the same opinions and we don’t all agree on religious, social, political and economic issues.
  • To help us better practice grace we have just begun a new class: “I Said This, You Heard That.” Join us this coming Sunday at nine in the parlor.
  • Finally, in our church community, folks are always moving away and others are moving in. This makes ministry more challenging but also keeps us aware of the importance of the GREAT COMMISSION and why growing the church is a top priority for me as your pastor.

SO . . . the first half of 2019 looks good, and with God’s help and a lot of GRACE, I can’t wait to see how the remainder of the year plays out.

Know that you are in my prayers of gratitude.