Adaptive Change…. In the church…

Adaptive Change…. In the church…

Adaptive change means you know something new or different is needed, you need CHANGE—you just don’t know what that change is!

At Palmetto we want everyone of all ages to be engaged in some form of Christian education, and yet we understand that many folks, especially our young families, desire to be at church for just one hour, or maybe 90 minutes at the most. The days when families came to Sunday School AND church, and came BACK for Sunday evening study or worship, AND came to a WEDNESDAY NIGHT PROGRAM–well, those days are long gone!

Christians of ALL ages need faith formation, and we benefit from study, service and fellowship outside of worship. The challenge is finding a time and setting that work for the members of the congregation. We have heard from our folks that they want their children to be taught the tenants of faith but they just can’t get here for Sunday school AND church.

In July, we will begin SECOND SUNDAYS at Palmetto. On the second Sunday of the month the children will remain in the worship service, there will be a homily, communion, intergenerational music and liturgy and some exciting new ways of worshiping as a church FAMILY.

On SECOND SUNDAY afternoon at 4:30 we will gather for a fun themed meal together along with some unique programs planned by some of the most “fun” folks in Mt. Pleasant. Join us for two hours at the most—your family gets fed, you get to know more folks from church, you have fun AND you might even learn something that will help you make it through the week. It’s called faith formation for FAMILIES and the definition of family is wide open.

So . . . mark your calendars for July 8th!