Are WE Good Samaritans?

Are WE Good Samaritans?

This Sunday the sermon is the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). A man helps someone in need from a different culture. Often when this story is told the question asked is “Who is my neighbor?” 
We are now in the midst of our SOS mission for July (Sunday of Socks), collecting books and socks for Hands of Christ. We will be hosting this mission opportunity at Park Circle Presbyterian Church on August 7 and 8.
The folks we will be giving school supplies and uniforms to are beloved children of God, but even though Park Circle is less than 15 miles away from Carolina Park, they are also from a different “culture.”
On July 4th we were on a good friend’s boat, seeing our community from the water. If our neighbors appear to be “well off” driving through our neighborhoods, the view from the water is even more telling of our community’s affluence. If we stay “close to home” it is easy to forget that there are folks living below the poverty line within driving distance our well-to-do neighborhoods.
I appreciate that we are collecting socks and books. I KNOW we will be generous in our giving. But I want to extend the invitation to join us at Park Circle and meet these folks from a “different culture” that we will be helping.  Be a “shopper” and guide one of the children through the maze where they get pants, shirts, SOCKS, underwear, school supplies and a Bible . . . and watch their faces light up as they leave with a bag of things OUR children may take for granted, but these children see as something “special.”
Who IS my neighbor? That is a question we should always be asking ourselves. And we should also ask if WE are being good Samaritans.
Don’t forget to bring your books and children socks and drop them in the bins in front of the chancel area. There is a bin for each elder color team.
Have a great week!


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