“In Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”  Romans 12:5

This Sunday (March 3) after worship our Connections Team is inviting our new folks and those who have been worshiping with us but have not joined to gather for lunch and fellowship and to ask questions about the church, our polity and theology. I hope that doesn’t scare you or keep you from attending. Whether you officially join the church or not, I hope you feel like you “belong.”

In terms of faith, I think it is important to know WHAT we believe and WHY. One of the things I love about the PCUSA is we don’t claim to have the ONLY truth. We place great emphasis on Christian education, and sometimes we are labeled as a church that focuses on the mind more than the heart. Some even call Presbyterians the “frozen chosen.”

In my affiliation with the Presbyterian church for more than 45 years, I have found us to be just the opposite. Our emphasis on relationships and making new folks feel welcome and our inclusive nature as a congregation are all examples of the “heart.”

It is true I am always inviting new folks in . . . because that is my calling as a pastor, to grow not only the church but the kingdom of God. Here in upper Mt. Pleasant families are moving in and out all the time, it is our responsibility and privilege to welcome new families into our church family and nurture them in the faith so if or when they move away, they will continue to grow in faith and find a new  faith community to be involved in.

Some folks here have been in worship for years and not officially “joined,” and that is OK. I just want everyone to feel like they BELONG. And in the church, like in other organizations, membership has its privileges.

So if you are looking for a church home and have been worshiping with us and feel the spirit moving you, I hope you will join us Sunday and get to know who we are and what we believe . . . And also enjoy some good food!

Have a blessed week,