Sometimes, when we talk about the church as being “family” we don’t realize the significance of that phrase “church family.” To me, it means as we journey together we experience life in its totality, with its celebratory moments, times of trials and sorrows—and times, as our church calendar describes it, when we have “ordinary time.” I have a friend who when she talks about her family says, “We may not always LIKE each other, but we love each other, and like it or not we are family.”

Some folks may think church in the summer is “ordinary time,” but at Palmetto this summer, church life has been anything but ordinary. We have had some real celebratory worship services as our choir seems to get better and better, and there is energy and excitement our visitors say they feel when they first come through our doors.

Certainly worship yesterday was one of those days of celebration with the baptism of five-month old baby Sloane Tanton and the 95th birthday of our dear friend Gus Bullard. I love how the many children up front for time with children were witnesses to the baptism, and I love how the many young couples with babies got together after worship in the Great Hall. It was a joy to see four generations of Gus’ family in worship to celebrate his big day.

From our Amazing Grays to our nursery and all the ages in between we are an active church family.  This week is “Neighbors” week for our mid-highs, and they have mission work planned for every day, along with some fun—so keep our youth and our great leaders in your prayers.

We have much to celebrate. So if you have been missing in worship, I invite you to come home so you don’t miss out on the summer celebrations!

It is a joy to be your pastor,