Church Christmas WISH LIST for 2018

Church Christmas WISH LIST for 2018

Santa is not the only one making a list and checking it twice! I have made a Palmetto wish list, and I HOPE you will all read over my list and step up to make all my wishes come true . . .

  • A good stewardship campaign that will fund our ministry for next year
  • Cleaning out the church attic (Susan Lindstrom has taken this one on!)
  • A nursery coordinator (this is a paid position—please give us names of anyone who would be a good match for our childcare needs)
  • Team leaders for ALL our ministry teams—we have some openings!
  • To see construction of our proposed Pavilion started this year
  • Someone to take over changing the church sign messages each week
  • Someone to oversee the church kitchen
  • A church altar guild that would meet three or four times a year and CLEAN
  • More new members in 2018 and a whole bunch more in 2019
  • An exorcism for my church office so the roof would no longer leak, my computer would not go haywire every week, my a/c would WORK all the time, and my swivel chair would not continually “sink”!
  • More free time for MAC so he could be here to sing and play the organ more often!
  • To see our youth invite their friends to church
  • To continue all the great mission projects we did in 2018 in 2019

And if all of that is not enough . . . peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Have a joyous Advent,