Early Service

Early Service

Our Worship Goals:

  • God is the object of worship. Our focus and attention is on God – our services are not “geared toward” any one specific group.
  • Theologically Reformed. Following the models of scripture, the basic flow of the service is: Gathering > Confession > Word > Response > Sending
  • Shared leadership. Providing opportunities for lay leadership.

The Early Service Worship Format

The service will be in the sanctuary and similar to the 10:30 service, but a few things will be different:

  • The service will be less than an hour – just to make sure everyone can get to Sunday School at 9:30.
  • The order of worship, scripture, and sermon will be the same; the hymns may vary from week to week – you can expect a broader range of music at 8:30.
  • There will not be Time with Children or Children’s Church, but a nursery for children 5 and under will be offered. All children are welcome in the service.
  • The choir will not sing at the 8:30 service but we will have special music – we are on the lookout for people with gifts to share!
  • It will be a little less formal – we’ll plan creative ways people can interact with each other and with God.