FAITH FORMATION (Christian Education)

FAITH FORMATION (Christian Education)

The following article* has been circulated recently among Christian churches regarding faith formation. It highlights the important foundations needed to effectively make disciples. Virginia Callegary, one Christian educator in Maryland, shares what she would like members of the church to know about faith formation:

  • We can’t do it alone (and we shouldn’t have to). Faith formation is too important to be left to one person. Clearly it’s not possible for us to be everywhere at once. We need you to be the other adult in a room full of children, to provide mentorship to youth and young adults, and to share your vision for Christian education in the church.

  • Chances are that most church leaders are already involved in faith formation ministry. If you volunteer for the church, attend fellowship events, participate in mission opportunities, and/or lift your voice in song and prayer in worship, you are already a part of the ministry of discipleship in your congregation.

  • My job description sometimes feels overwhelming. The work of a Christian educator is naturally ambiguous. At the end of our long list of duties and responsibilities you can usually find a bullet point that says “perform other duties as assigned.”

  • Letting go of older programs is a reality and a necessity. Coming up with new, creative, and innovative ideas takes time and energy. We should evaluate the things we put our time and energy into and let go of those that no longer work for the church or are disproportionately burdensome. This process is the key to discovering and embracing what is next for the church.

  • The congregation needs to hear from church leadership how important our ministry is. We need you to give credit for the creative things that come about because of our dedicated ministry to the church.

  • Continuing education is very important to our ministry. Attending a continuing education conference provides even more opportunities for networking, brainstorming, and resource sharing.

  • YES, we know our office is a mess. Our offices are full of the many ministries we undertake in our leadership role.

  • We have been called to educational ministry. We feel strongly about the importance of our role in the life and ministry of the church.

The challenges we have here at Palmetto are the same challenges in faith formation that all churches face.  Consider taking time this week to pray about your involvement in faith formation at Palmetto.  

I offer a prayer of gratitude for our Palmetto Faith Formation leaders.





*The article referenced is from an August 22, 2018 post on