Faith Formation for All Ages

Faith Formation for All Ages

I am holding the fancy brightly colored handout Gloria has just printed out listing all the MANY faith formation opportunities Palmetto is offering for fall beginning this coming Sunday, September 8th.

There is literally something for all ages during different days and times on Sunday and throughout the week. This brightly colored handout is more than just an attractive schedule of Bible studies and faith formation classes . . . much more. It represents a renewed emphasis and effort to get folks of all ages involved in studying the faith. It is the result of having a talented new Christian educator on staff. It is following up on a meeting of 22 parents of youth who met in August to discuss our youth program with Terri and Avery. It is taking advantage of our organized and cleaned-up rooms in the education building. It is a sign that even though we are busy people, this congregation takes our faith seriously enough to find time for a small group, or makes the effort to be here at nine for a class before worship or is willing to provide a Sunday night meal for the youth group.

Sunday’s sermon was about winning and what that means as a Christian. If you don’t know the answer, don’t worry, attend any one of the many faith formation opportunities we have starting this coming Sunday . . . and you will find out!

To better understand the sermon each Sunday, I invite you to join me for the Sermon Starters Class that will meet Sundays at nine. Each week on Thursday I will e-mail the text for the coming Sunday, along with questions about the text for you to reflect on before the class, then join in a lively round-table discussion about the text. I hope to see you then.

Happy Labor Day!