Going Forward

Going Forward

Today, we begin the second decade of ministry at Palmetto. There will be many changes as our community grows, as culture changes and as technology becomes even more complex.

How we, as a local church, deal with these changes will determine the impact of our ministry on our own members and the community outside our doors.

So, this morning our Christian Education Team will meet to begin some good conversations on helping equip our families as they grow in faith—stay tuned!

But, before we move forward, let me pause to say THANK YOU to all who made our 10th Anniversary such a celebratory occasion. We have much to be thankful for.

If you missed the concert Saturday and the inspiring Pentecost worship service Sunday, please go to our website and listen to the service and check out the pictures on Facebook and the PPC website.

Join me in prayers as we go forward in faith.

It’s a joy to be your pastor.



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