“It will knock your socks off!”

“It will knock your socks off!”

In the summer I like to wear driving shoes and no socks. It shocked one little girl at church when she saw the preacher didn’t have his socks on!

It is my choice not to wear socks sometimes, but sadly there are children in our greater Charleston community who don’t have a choice—they don’t have any  socks . . . or new pants . . . or shirts or shoes to wear to school.

For the last several years the churches in Charleston Atlantic Presbytery have been involved in HANDS OF CHRIST, a mission that provides a shopping day for families in need to come and receive two pairs of pants or skirts, two shirts, socks, underwear, school supplies and a Bible.

Palmetto will be hosting Hands of Christ at the Park Circle Church on August 7 and 8. Our missions team is “recruiting” folks to help as “shoppers” during the event, and we will be providing dinner for the 60 plus workers after the shopping is over.

We have donated money to Hands of Christ to help purchase clothing (as have most of the churches in our presbytery), but in addition we want to collect socks as part of our SECOND SUNDAY worship in July.

To add some excitement, we are having a little competition between the elder care teams to see which team can collect the most children socks. SO . . . for the next two weeks we will have some bins at the front of the sanctuary in the seven colors of our PPC care teams. Please bring boys or girls socks and drop them in the bins according to the elder team you are on, and during worship on July 14, we will bless the socks.

If everyone participates, who knows, we might collect so many socks, it will surprise you—it will “knock YOUR socks off.”

Have a happy and safe 4th of July—and don’t forget to buy some socks!