Lenten Lessons

Lenten Lessons

I have mentioned before how grateful I am to be in a faith tradition that recognizes the “seasons” of faith. I love that our worship and our fellowship events have a connection with the ebb and flow of the church calendar.

Every year during Lent, I try to be intentional about Lenten disciplines, taking on some new mission or special ministry or giving up some minor thing, like Pepsi colas.  As I have hopefully matured in both age and faith, I no longer feel the pressure to “share” with others what my Lenten disciplines are—you see, being accountable only to ourselves is a discipline in and of itself.

This Lenten session I have been personally blessed by the lectionary readings for this season which have inspired some thought provoking sermons. The choir and our handbell choir have touched me in a special way this season. It is a real treat to just “listen” on Sunday Mornings. How creative and inspiring when our musicians take a well-known “Advent” hymn and teach us how fitting it is as a Lenten anthem. Now, I will always pay close attention to the words in “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.”

This Lenten season has also evoked a wide range of emotions in our congregation as we have grieved the loss of one of our dear members, we have celebrated the marriage of a charter member and dear friend to us all, and we have welcomed so many new folks into our church family. That welcoming continues this Sunday with the baptism of baby Riggs Maxwell and more new members joining.

So, if you are still trying to find something to inspire you this Lenten season, I invite you to join us at PPC this Thursday for our brief Lenten service and lunch at 12:00 noon with Terri leading worship and our handbell choir playing. Our friends from Sunrise, MPPC, Yeamans Park and New Wappetaw churches are all invited.

Grace and peace,