Look to the STARS in 2019

Look to the STARS in 2019


Yesterday at our Epiphany service, once again we received stars, and this year my “star word” for 2019 is JOY.

I hope you are happy with the star word you received, and I hope you will put your star in a location you see often and it will “guide” you throughout this year. I admit, sometimes the words we receive are not what we would have chosen. In the last five years I have had some interesting and challenging star words: empower, helpfulness, pardon and clap. In each year I saw things occur that I could relate to my star . . . SO, I am excited about having JOY as my word for 2019.

Regardless of your word, I hope you will find joy in this New Year by being more involved in our ministry. Tuesday evening at 6:30 we will have our first TEAM PALMETTO meeting of 2019, and EVERYONE is invited to attend, along with our team leaders and elders, as we discuss the New Year and some goals we hope to accomplish. We do a lot of ministry and it takes a LOT of people, so please join us tomorrow night.

If you were not here Sunday to receive your STAR, there is a basket of stars on the round table in the Great Hall

Blessings in 2019,