Missing in Action

Missing in Action

I spend a lot of time going over the membership list and going over folks who are missing on Sunday mornings. Yes, I know there is some ministry group meeting every day here at Palmetto, and even though a family may have been away over the weekend, they were still “connected.”

Still, what separates the church from other organizations and community groups is our worship. Presbyterians say we “begin” with God.

I think the strong characteristic in our church DNA is our emphasis on relationships. If you are “missing,” I hope your elders have reached out to you.  But know that it is a two way endeavor.

What our elders say is that they send emails or call and a majority of the time they never get a response. One of the challenges in church, as in other organizations, is communication. How do we stay in touch?

I realize that the folks reading this blog each week are probably NOT MIAs. But maybe you know someone who is missing in action. If so, give them a call, encourage them to come to church this Sunday or invite them to some ministry function or mission opportunity that you think they may be interested in.

Our sermons in October will address “transitions.” Things are changing and that includes the church.

I am not sure where we are going, but my prayer is that we will go together!

I hope to see you Sunday in worship.