Our First SECOND SUNDAY… WOW!!! Praise the Lord!

Our First SECOND SUNDAY… WOW!!! Praise the Lord!

Thank YOU to everyone who helped make our Second Sunday such a special day. What a great start to a new form of ministry at Palmetto.

Every month on the second Sunday we plan to have an intergenerational worship service with communion and then Sunday afternoon a special event at church that will include FUN, FOOD and FELLOWSHIP… along with some education added to the mix.

If you were here and saw the balloons in the sanctuary and sat with your elder teams you probably sat in a different location from your “regular” pew.  The music was inspiring and the children participating in worship assures us the church will continue strong into the next generation.

I am pleased to announce the BLUE ELDER Team (led by elders Rick Thomas and Harriett Faris) won the Preacher Mike Bobble-head Award for the most in attendance Sunday afternoon.

They also sneaked by the Purple Elder Team (led by elders Trey Gantt and Sandy Powell) to win the Bible Content contest.

Following the dedication of the ARK with the placement of the plaque and a prayer of thanksgiving, everyone enjoyed an old fashioned cookout and a super ice cream bar.

In August, SECOND SUNDAY will be August 12 and we are already working on the theme, so mark your calendars NOW.