Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy Days and Mondays

“Rainy Days and Monday’s always get me down.”
Karen Carpenter

I’m starting this cold rainy Monday in Atlanta taking a week-long course in transitional ministry, preparing for that time when I “retire” and then begin a new ministry wherever God leads me. In one of my readings there was a sentence that gave me pause. The author said we are ALL in transition and all pastors are doing transitional or interim ministry. Today is the interim or transition between yesterday and tomorrow. Too often we get stuck fretting over the past or worrying about the future and we don’t do the present justice. My prayer is that Palmetto will always honor our past and look forward to the present while serving and ministering to the best of our ability in the PRESENT. I’m excited about what I might learn this week and how beneficial it might be to our ministry here at Palmetto.

But why are the rainy days and Mondays getting me down?  Mondays in 2020 have not been so good for me so far. Two weeks ago I was in an accident on the Ravenel Bridge. A lady rammed into me sending her to the hospital and totaling her new Cadillac, leaving me sore and having to go through the hassle of car repairs on my new Explorer I’ve had just six months.

Last Monday I woke up in Roper downtown and had a pacemaker put in that afternoon. I have been blessed and up to last Monday had never spent the night in a hospital. It makes one think about one’s own mortality, but I’m looking forward to a full recovery. And although I’m not a big Clemson fan, that Monday ended with our state NOT winning the national championship. Maybe NEXT Monday will turn the tide.

In the meantime, THANK YOU for your prayers, the many cards, emails, flowers and delicious food items. I am blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends and this very caring congregation.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Monday,