“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.”   Isaiah 9:2

The first two Sundays in Advent were dark and rainy, so it was a joy to see the “light” on Sunday as the sun was shining and the decorations in the sanctuary were all aglow. Our choir presented their annual cantata, which always fills our hearts with the light of the season.

Sometimes I wonder why we can’t just have the light all the time, but when I think about days and nights, I realize the night is what makes me appreciate the daytime.  Ministry is that way. There are so many dark times in the lives of any congregation, and pastors see the dark side of life more than we care to admit, even to ourselves. And yet ministry also provides light as we see up close the wonder of God’s grace acting time and time again to bring light out of darkness. That is especially true during Advent and Christmas.

I don’t have to tell you all how generous you have been during this season of giving or how every time there is a need, when someone in or out of the congregation is going through a dark period in their lives, you all step forward and bring a little light.

So thank you for making MY Christmas a little brighter as we celebrate the birth of the one who Isaiah foretold would bring light into a dark world. May you continue this week to experience the hope, peace, joy and love of this Advent season.