Small Groups . . . It’s a Secret

Small Groups . . . It’s a Secret

It may surprise you to know that we have ALWAYS had small groups at Palmetto from the very first summer when we were organizing . . . but . . . we have tried to keep it a secret. Well, there was that one summer when we had SEVEN small groups going at one time! (I guess someone let the cat out the bag.)

In the past year there has been a Monday night group going strong, but I can’t tell you for sure who is in it. The senior youth have had a small group Bible study on Thursdays (Mrs. Terri usually feeds them so maybe that’s why they are so SECRETIVE). This summer there has been a LARGE small group meeting on Wednesday nights to study Ezekiel . . . it sounded interesting but I heard the class was full! That’s OK, because I am starting my own small group in September right before worship at nine on Sundays. You see, small groups can meet ANYTIME.

Some churches like to BRAG about THEIR small groups, but we think it’s better to meet under the radar . . . and not advertise. It’s more exciting to sneak around. For instance, nobody realizes it, but our choir is a small group. They usually meet on Thursdays at 6:30 and they have less than 15 people most of the time. Of course you would never know it. Just by LISTENING to them you would swear they have at least thirty voices.

The men have a small group that takes a break in the summer (I guess hot weather is not good for a small men’s group???), but in the fall they meet every Friday morning at 7:00 at the church and you should hear some of the discussions—shocking!

Jesus said “where two or three are gathered in my name, I will be there also.” There are also times in scripture where Jesus tells his followers not to “tell anybody.”  Maybe that’s why our small groups are a secret.

If you want to start a small group at Palmetto and need help, speak to me, Tricia or Terri and we will help you . . . and we PROMISE we will keep your secret.

Have a blessed week,