Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

As one who talks for a living and as one who tends to be TOO truthful when asked my opinion about something, the Holy Spirit was working on me this morning for sure!

First thing this morning I had an e-mail from Harriett Faris giving me a link to the summer small group class she will be leading at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays here at the church. It is called “I Said This, You Heard That.” Boy, is that the truth when it comes to sermons. I am amazed what folks think they heard and what I actually said.  But to be fair, I am also amazed at what I think I hear people say and what they said.

Then this morning when I was reading during my devotion time, I started reading this week’s copy of The Presbyterian Outlook, which had an article on engaging in fearless dialogues:

“Speaking the Truth in Love.” The article asked some thought provoking questions: How do we talk to each other? How can we create spaces to have HARD conversations? How can we listen to all opinions without judging?  Sometimes, just putting a face on a social issue can change our perspective. When it becomes personal we see from a new point of view.

Learning to listen is hard, so I plan on attending the class this summer–maybe I will see you there. Look at the bulletin inserts and on the church website for more information.

Have a great week.