Stewardship Note #1 For Everything, There Is a Season

Stewardship Note #1 For Everything, There Is a Season

I’ve been letting the congregation know that October 22nd marks the beginning of our Stewardship “Season.” I have met with Finance Team to discuss dates, sermons, themes and participants for this “giving” season, which this year will run from October 22nd through November 26th. Of course I realize true stewardship in the church does not run for a “season.” It is something we do all year long!

Many of you are familiar with the Ecclesiastes 3 text that has the heading: “A Time for Everything.” Verse 1 says there is a season for every activity under heaven, and then lists various activities. Interestingly enough there is no time or season listed for “giving.” I suspect the author of Ecclesiastes knew what faithful Christians today know: stewardship is not limited to a special time of the year. We own nothing—all we have is a gift from God. We are simply caretakers of these gifts, and our job is to manage all we have been entrusted with each and every day of the year.

Maybe I should say these few weeks in October and November are not really about stewardship—they are about “information sharing” and “gratitude reminders.” So, let me remind you as we begin stewardship in 2017, Palmetto is a congregation of blessed people who are generous givers.

The author of Ecclesiastes says there is a time to be silent and a time to speak. These next few weeks are our “season” to speak up about giving and what it means to be good stewards.

Thank you for your past giving and your future commitment to our ministry.

Have a blessed Fall Season,