Taking risks, trying new things, granting permission

Taking risks, trying new things, granting permission

Every week I get a copy of The Presbyterian Outlook and read it to keep abreast of what is going on in our denomination and in the world of religion. We don’t live out our faith in a vacuum, so it is important to know what is happening in the larger church.

This week what caught my eye was the magazine cover: Taking risks, trying new things, granting permission . . . in Jesus’ name. It was almost as if they had done an evaluation of Palmetto and come up with those three conclusions about how WE do ministry.

From the very beginning, we have been risk takers. We have taken so many “chances” in Jesus’ name . . . building a four million dollar church facility as a VERY new congregation that chartered in less than a year in a community that is so transient was a huge risk.

Most of the time we are taking risks when we try new things, and Lord knows we are ALWAYS trying new things—think of Second Sundays and a weekend Bible School. Remember we were doing ministry teams when most churches were still using a “committee structure.” Some folks from the presbytery didn’t understand our “Team PALMETTO” and now the whole presbytery has a new structure similar to ours.

And granting permission . . . we have a permission granting session. Our elders don’t micro-manage every aspect of our ministry, so that makes it possible for us to try new things and to take risks.

Do we fail sometimes, of course we do. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t really be risk takers, would we?

So . . . if you have a new idea, if there is something you feel we need to change or could do better, please let the staff or our elders know. This congregation is used to change and if there is one “church phrase” you won’t hear at Palmetto, it’s “we have never done it that way before.”

Please, go out there and be risk takers . . . in Jesus’ name.

Have a blessed week,