Thank You for Your Service

Thank You for Your Service

“Thank You for Your Service” was the theme of our November SECOND SUNDAY service yesterday.  It was a joy to recognize those in our congregation who have served our church, our community and the nation. It is also a good lesson in reminding us that individuals of ALL ages have gifts and talents and can SERVE!

This coming Sunday is Stewardship Dedication Sunday and as always, I trust you all will be generous stewards of your finances in 2019, which enables us to do the many ministry and mission initiatives we accomplish each year.  But along with financial gifts, let me encourage you to give of your time and talents to lead one of our ministry teams next year.

It takes a LOT of talented, committed individuals to carry out our ministry. The thing I am most proud of here at Palmetto is our openness to NEW folks taking on leadership roles in our church.  If you have a willingness to serve, we have a job for you!

So prayerfully consider where God is CALLING you to serve in the church and then respond by saying the last line in our commission and blessing in yesterday’s  worship service: “We dare to say: Here am I, send me!”

Thank YOU for your service!