The Day After

The Day After

I suspect maybe one of the most rewarding days for a pastor is the day AFTER Easter. No matter how “big” one’s church is, chances are attendance was really good on Easter Sunday, the music was probably very uplifting, and maybe the congregation showed more enthusiasm than usual.

I confess, today as I have just finished writing notes and sending e-mails to LOTS of visitors, I feel more hopeful about the church of Jesus Christ in general and the Presbyterian Church to be more specific. Easter has a way of instilling hope!

Easter also energizes me, so today it is “business as usual” . . . I am scheduling meetings with prospective members, writing notes to folks who joined on Easter, sending cards to those who are sick, the CE team is busy working on Vacation Bible School, the counters have just finished the offering deposit, and the bulletin for NEXT Sunday is ready to be printed.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Easter was EVERY Sunday, imagine the energy and enthusiasm Christians would have to share the love of Christ with others?

To our Palmetto folks, THANK YOU for making our Holy Week activities and worship so special for our community.

Happy spring break and safe travels to those on the road.