The Sounds of Christmas

The Sounds of Christmas

In last week’s Mike’s Monday Message, I talked about seeing the light during this Advent/Christmas season. Today, I want to reflect on hearing the sounds of Advent and Christmas. At Palmetto we have been blessed with a wonderful music program with talented, committed leaders, musicians and singers!

During this season of gift giving let us all be thankful for the gift of music in worship. I don’t say thank you often enough, so here is a Christmas “Thank You” to all who help us “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”

Dear Worship Leaders, Soloists and Choir,

Thank you. Thank you for taking the time each week to prayerfully select hymns that you believe our church should sing together. Thank you for spending time each week to practice the songs on your own, and then with the choir . . . until you’re sick and tired of that same chord progression by Sunday.

Thank you for putting up with complaints about how loud the organ was OR how long the intro was to that first hymn OR how you didn’t play someone’s favorite hymn the way they like it. Thank you for submitting to your pastor’s leadership even when you may not see eye to eye. Thank you for making the sacrifice to go to bed early every Saturday night so you can wake up at the crack of dawn on Sunday and get to church before anybody else does. Thank you for keeping a high standard, not just musically, but spiritually so that we as a church are giving God our very best. Thank you for not making worship just about music, but for teaching us about what it means to worship in spirit and truth. Thank you for going up there to lead us in worship week after week, even though sometimes you just don’t feel like it. Thank you for taking your calling and role seriously, but not taking yourself too seriously. Thank you for not making it about you, but for always making it all about HIM!


Merry Christmas,