The Turquoise Table

The Turquoise Table

This week we introduce the TURQUOISE TABLE after weeks of giving you hints about just what this means to our church and to the community.

We like to promote Palmetto as the community church for Carolina Park; and sitting here on the corner and offering a place for gathering, hosting community events, and being friendly with our neighbors does make us a vital part of the community.

But what about being a “church” for our neighbors? What are people looking for or needing in a faith community and how can we as a church fill their wants and needs? What can the church offer that the PTA or the Rotary club or other civic groups can’t offer?

I don’t have definitive answers but I think or at least I hope the answer is connected to the Holy Spirit. This Sunday is Pentecost, the time when the Holy Spirit was made manifest and the Christian church was born. It was also on Pentecost Sunday that we held our first service and a year later on Pentecost, we chartered. On THIS Pentecost Sunday, which also happens to fall on our Second Sunday Intergenerational Worship Service day, we are going outside our doors and inviting the community to see what the Holy Spirit is doing in our midst. Of course before that, on Tuesday we will be at the corner of our property by the crosswalk giving out pops and popcorn to the school children after school at our new turquoise table and telling them about Bible school.

Tonight our elders meet to talk about spirituality. I ask that you pray that we can find answers to some of these deep theological questions and with the Spirit’s help we will truly BE the community church God is calling us to be.

I hope you join us Sunday for all the Pentecost activities. Bring a dish for brunch and wear RED!