Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

In this age of “political correctness,” I guess it is no longer meaningful to tell someone you care about and who has experienced some set back, like illness or the loss of a loved one, “they are in your thoughts and prayers.”

I am a card writer and note sender and I pay attention to the ‘”complementary close,” that phrase that comes before the signature. I don’t toss phrases like “love” in my notes without really meaning them. 

Usually I say “Blessings,” and I sincerely hope the person I am writing to will experience God’s blessings. As a person of faith and one who does offer prayers of intercession for my family, congregation, friends, community and the world, when I say “you are in my thoughts and prayers,” I mean it and don’t take that phrase lightly.

I agree with those who seem be mocking the phrase “thoughts and prayers” that there comes a time for action AFTER we have prayed, but I take offense at anyone who discounts prayer. Sunday in our faith formation class and in the sermon we talked about “listening.” After I listen, I need time to reflect and then ACT. 

During that time before acting I am thinking and praying. I don’t know about you, but when I am dealing with a challenge in my life, I appreciate knowing others are thinking and praying for me. My prayer is that you see “thoughts and prayers” as more than just a trite phrase that people use as an excuse NOT to act on an issue. You see, as an educated person I value thinking, and as a person of faith I value prayer. I hope you do too.