If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that the theme of our October sermons—“transitions”—is reflective of the times we are living in.

Change is all around us, in our nation, in our community and in the church . . . the universal Church and our Church here in Mt Pleasant. At Palmetto, we have welcomed new families the last three weeks, and we have several new families who will be joining our church family in the coming weeks.

But alas, we have folks who have been VERY involved in our ministry moving away. 21 families or individuals have moved (too far to attend worship), not counting those who have gone away to college, families who sadly have separated due to divorce, the few who have entered the church triumphant and those who for a number of reasons have found a new faith community. Then we have “friends of the church” who worship and participate but are not “members,” and that category of folks is constantly changing.

So, how do we “do” ministry when so many of us are in transition? I believe we do that by “connecting” to folks, making an effort to greet each other in church and by not only saying, “Hi,” but taking the time to ask how they are doing and what is new in their lives. Maybe we even invite them to one of our faith formation opportunities, or to a mission or fellowship event, like the Blessing of the Animals yesterday afternoon or our upcoming Fall Festival on October 28.

In the coming weeks we will continue our “transition” theme in worship. Join us as we reflect on this new reality in our lives.

This Sunday we will discuss church leaders by looking at the story of blind Bartimaeus.

It is a joy to be your pastor.