I was out boating with friends a few weeks ago, and we rode by the breach inlet between IOP and Sullivan’s Island. Every time I go by there, I think of the dangerous undercurrents, even when the water “appears” to be calm.

Those undercurrents remind me of our church this summer.  One may ride by Palmetto and think things are “calm”—but man, the undercurrent is moving FAST, and that’s not just a good thing, it’s GREAT!

We have had a wonderful Bible school, the youth have returned from “Fun in the Son,” we had a house full of prospects and new folks at our Connections gathering a few Sundays ago at our home, we have new folks joining, our giving is up, and we are VERY excited about our new Music Director, Tom Gerber, and our new Faith Formation Director, Lynn Wiard, who will be here August 1.

But the REAL undercurrent is our emphasis on communication and getting our congregation involved in our various ministries . . . no one wants to talk about sign-ups but last week in just ten minutes after worship, Carol Thiesing was able to fill all the flowers and liturgists spots for the rest of the year.

Yesterday we had sign-ups for Hands of Christ and again, in just a few minutes we had 41 names on the list to be shoppers on August 7 and 8.  A special thank you to Terri for officiating at the service for Patty Sullivan this morning, and thanks to all who attended.

Let’s keep the current going. Find a way YOU can get more involved in our ministry. In the meantime, we will continue to find ways to communicate and get the word to you about opportunities for service.  My prayer is that you will continue to respond with the enthusiasm you have shown in the last few weeks.

Have a great summer.