“Where there is no vision, the people perish . . .” Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

My calling as a pastor includes many things, but I see vision as an important aspect of my ministry as your pastor. I try to constantly put forth a vision, and then the session accepts the vision, or tweaks the vision, or says go back to the drawing board.

When it became clear that we could not afford to build a fellowship hall at this time (or any time in the near future) and that our fellowship activities are increasing and we just do not have the space for dinners and large gatherings, last year the session had a drawing made of a pavilion near the playground that could be built at a relatively reasonable cost and would give us a place to hold fellowship events.

We promoted this during our 10th anniversary in May and we also included the Pavilion in our stewardship packet for 2019. The cash and pledges are slowly coming in, but it would be a real blessing to our ministry if we could have enough funds to begin  having more detailed plans drawn up and getting permits approved to begin construction later this summer or by the fall.

How can we pull this off? We could do what the Tanton family is doing: to celebrate Sloane’s first birthday, Meredith and Dan asked that instead of bringing gifts that friends and family donate to our Pavilion fund. Meredith is doing that again for her own birthday. What if each family in the church would make even a small gift to recognize a birthday or anniversary or memorial for a loved one . . . and we would all designate these gifts for the pavilion? I suspect in no time, we would have the funding to begin the project. I am going to ask the Finance Team if we can start listing the Pavilion account in the bulletin at least once a month so we can see how that fund is growing.

Maybe you have some other ideas that would help our VISION of a Pavilion become a REALITY. Sometimes I realize we don’t think BIG enough or we are afraid to think outside the box in doing the Lord’s work. Without vision, we may not perish, but I doubt if we will move forward.

Thank you for your continued support of our ministry