What Brings God Joy?

What Brings God Joy?

In my daily devotion today I read these words from Mother Teresa: “the best way to show your gratitude to God and people is too accept everything with joy.” I realize that I am losing my joy for ministry because we (the church) are doing so much all the time—this “busy-ness” has zapped my joy.

As we move into the “season” of stewardship and as we draw near to Thanksgiving when we focus more on gratitude, I know I have much to be thankful for, but I am so busy doing the work of the church I am losing some of the joy that ministry brings. To be grateful we need time to reflect on our many blessings and PAUSE to give God thanks.

As I talk to members of our congregation and as I hear about other congregations, I realize EVERYONE feels they are too busy. Is the church adding to the busy-ness by scheduling even more events for our folks to attend? And with most of the church staff part-time, is all this busy-ness just adding to our stress and maybe zapping OUR joy?

We keep saying we are going to focus on the things we really do well, and yet we continue to fill our calendars. We want to reach lots of people and we want our buildings used every day and we want to be able to respond to every good idea we hear from our parishioners but . . . we also need to be aware that we have limited resources.

As we start planning for 2019, maybe we need to evaluate all our ministry and put our efforts on the things we believe best nurture and grow our faith . . . and the things that bring God and us, JOY.

Grace and peace,


“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, JOY, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.”

— Galatians 5:22