What Makes a Good Youth Program?

What Makes a Good Youth Program?

Last week I talked about nurturing faith through three steps: Planting the seed . . . Feeding the soil . . . Watching them grow . . .

As we prepare for our church’s 10th anniversary and pull out pictures of our ministry, many of us adults who have been here a while look the same except for the color of our hair . . . or in some cases, the LACK of hair.

But our youth and children . . . WOW—how they change!

What makes a good church youth program? First of all, I don’t believe ministry is about PROGRAMS, ministry is about people—how we connect to one another and to God.

When I reflect on our youth who are now in college I think, “These are really great young adults with good values and bright futures. Is it possible their ‘success’ is the result of good parenting and their involvement in the church?”

Think back to our Bible schools, Christmas pageants, camps and conferences, youth services, the children serving as acolytes, children’s church and FUEL, trunk or treats, Easter egg hunts, pool parties, confirmation classes and trips to the synagogue, mission trips like the Cross Weekend in Charlotte, and then . . .  remember those “aha” moments in a Sunday school class or in children’s church when a student made the most profound statement about faith!

I know ours isn’t the biggest youth program in town and I realize some folks may have left Palmetto so their kids could be in a church with more staff and more “programs.” Sure, I would like more staff and programs, too, if that is what it takes for us to live up to our mission statement: “Making and growing disciples for the glory of God.”

BUT . . . if I have to choose between programs and relationships, I will choose relationships every time. So ask yourself and ask your youth— “What makes a good youth program?”

Have blessed week,