What will legacy will you leave behind?

What will legacy will you leave behind?

This past Sunday was Stewardship Dedication Sunday and next Sunday, November 3rd, we will recognize our Palmetto Saints, following All Saints Day November 1st.

When I was preparing the bulletin for next Sunday and going over our Necrology, I reflected on those very special folks who, while they were members of our church family, contributed so much to our ministry.

Have you ever wondered what your legacy will be? What will you leave behind? What things were you passionate about in life that will continue on even in death?

In 1 Corinthians the Apostle Paul says, “For what I received, I passed on to you as of first importance . . .” and then he shares with the Corinthians his belief in Jesus and how that belief changed his life forever. It is no doubt—Paul’s faith was important to him.

For many of us who had a vision of a new Presbyterian Church in upper Mt. Pleasant and then became charter members of what is now Palmetto, this church and our wonderful congregation is part of our legacy. This church and our faith journey is important to US.

Many “saints” have given so much of their time and talent and financial resources to make that vision of a church a reality today. It is my prayer that Palmetto will live on after we are gone, not just the buildings that we can see and be so proud of, but the community, the individuals and families that define who we are.

So when I filled out my pledge card, I wasn’t thinking of giving to make the church budget, I was thinking of giving to insure that this community of faith that means so much to me will continue on, worshiping the Lord and serving our neighbors long after I am gone.

My prayer is that we will honor our special Palmetto saints by carrying on this ministry that meant so much to them.

It’s a joy to be your pastor.